Robot Project movie/dream

I had the oddest dream last night.  It felt like I was either in a movie or the events that were taking place were based on a movie called "Robot Project".  (I Googled the name, but it doesn't exist.)  In my dream, I and some friends had learned to reprogram Android devices like Roku boxes to make them remote control anything.

Now, I am in IT Security, so I do know that technology like the Pineapple exists that can be used to pen test networks (among some of the other non-devious stuff), but this dream was different.  In this scenario, this device could be used to remotely command and control anything - specifically targeted for robotic-type devices.

For our test of this device, we had been remotely controlling drones and had it plugged up to a TV (next to an 80's era PlayStation) and were watching the screen as the drones were maneuvering somewhere, but all we were doing was watching their equivalent location on the TV screen like watching a radar.  What was unique about this is that there was an artificial intelligence (AI) engine working under the covers on the Android device that was able to "learn" as the devices that it was controlling were being operated.  This AI was the key to the tech and the reason that the device could be considered very dangerous in the wrong hands.  The device could control military airplanes without a pilot.  (I'm not sure how we knew this, but it could.)

In the dream, I was definitely on the good side, because I was taking this tech to DC to make sure that it didn't end up on the wrong side.  I was being very stealthy about protecting the sample device that I was carrying in my inner coat pocket.  The people I was with were basically living off the grid as to not be found and sleeping in rural or wooded areas.  However, once we got to DC, there was some sort of attack on the capital city.  I remember that we were in a place like the Smithsonian with lights and classical music playing.  As we were walking around, there were explosions outside and the lights in the building started flickering and going into a brown-out look and the music slowed and died (as if someone cut off a record player).  (Yes, not all the tech was state of the art in my dream apparently.)

I couldn't help to think that the attack was related to the device that I was carrying.  The attack also was nuclear as we would have gotten vaporized, but whatever was going on outside was significant and impacting large areas.  I was thinking that if they were after us, they still didn't know who we were, so we could probably disappear back to the woods without being found.

Unfortunately, that is about the time I woke up.  I wanted to document this while I still remembered most of the details.  These dreams are probably influenced by sci-fi movies that I watch like Ant-Man (most recently) and the Transformers.  Will the technology be as smart or as capable as humans one day, maybe.  Sentient?  Maybe.  This is a reminder to be good to one another so as people (and machines) learn by our behaviors, they will be good also.


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